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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Urea Solution


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Wholesale Flexitank AdBlue urea solution

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Wholesale Flexitank AdBlue urea solution

VDA certificate AdBlue (DEF) meet the ISO 22241 standard with various kinds of packing .
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AdBlue (DEF) 23000 Liter Flexitank

Item No . EB23000L
Package 23000 Liter/barrel
Net Weight 25070 kg
Gross Weight 25150 kg
Application Diesel truck / SCR system

  • The vehicle Urea Solution / Diesel Exhasut Fluid is converted into nitrogen, oxygen and water by selective catalytic reduction reaction with NOX products , thereby reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides .
  • 100 Liter diesel requires 4 Liter of vehicle AdBlue / DEF.
  • The function of the urea solution is to chemically react with nitrogen oxides in the automobile exhaust to produce non-toxic nitrogen and water for reducing the emission of toxic gases in the vehicle exhaust and reducing pollution.

  • For all vehicles with SCR system diesel engines , apply to the logistics park ,gas station and etc.

Big capacity 23000 liters AdBlue def solution for SCR system

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