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The Growing Market of AdBlue® for Cars and Passenger Vehicles

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The Growing Market of AdBlue® for Cars and Passenger Vehicles


What’s becoming more and more apparent, is the growing market of AdBlue® being used in cars and other passenger vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions.

With the introduction of Euro 6 Emission Standards, the pressure on cars, trucks and minibuses to reduce their emissions is growing. And here’s where the AdBlue® comes in!

AdBlue® is a fluid made up of urea and deionized water. It is used to reduce a vehicles emission, and is currently being used by many lorries, trucks, coaches, buses and agricultural machinery to minimise the amount of diesel exhaust emissions. The number of vehicles using AdBlue® is set to grow in the near future, as the requirement will also be applied to all new construction and plant equipment, light commercial vehicles and some passenger cars.

Manufacturers including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Peugeot and Ford, as well as others, are already starting to use AdBlue® in the SCR systems for some cars, minibuses.

People who owns a passenger vehicle which has an AdBlue® tank and has high annual mileage may need to purchase small 5 or 10 litre cans of AdBlue® to refill the tank between services as it’s likely most stations won’t have an AdBlue® Pump. Those who are lucky enough to live by or know of service stations that do have an AdBlue® pump can refill their vehicle there. Another alternative is that some car garages will refill the vehicle’s tank at your service – as it is expected that more and more garages and workshops, as well as dealerships, will have to start providing AdBlue® tank refilling as a service due to the increasing amount of passenger vehicles using AdBlue®.

EverBlue Chemicals is an professional adblue manufacturer in China. We're the branch of "BlueBasic"- Italian company in China. All of our products got the SGS & ISO & VDA certificates. And we will keep the samples of each shipment for quality tracking.

Our main products cover AdBlue®(DEF), AdBlue® production machine, filling machine, SCR accessories, we can provide various packaging solutions as well as OEM.

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