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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Urea Solution


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Sales of AdBlue® machines continue to grow

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Sales of AdBlue® machines continue to grow


With the implementation of emission standards around the world and the increase of diesel vehicles, people are paying more and more attention to the emission situation, so the AdBlue play an role on the vehicle industry and the AdBlue® production machines also get more and more attention gradually .

EverBlue provide the Bluebasic EBR550 AdBlue® production machine with a containerized solution designed to produce AdBlue according to ISO 22241, meeting with the highest standards of quality and according to VDA

requirements with a maximum production capacity of 550.00L/Day. The EBR550 production plant consists of four independent units:

1. Demineralization unit. 2. AdBlue® production unit. 3. Screw feeding unit. 4. Filling machine for bottles.

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