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New Arrivals AdBlue® Shell Dispenser 1200L - 5000L

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New Arrivals AdBlue® Shell Dispenser 1200L - 5000L


New Arrivals AdBlue® Dispenser with volume of the AdBlue® tank from 1200L to 5000L and provide the optional device of fluid infusion pump , Explosion-proof rehydration pump , Heat preservation , Ticket printer. The device's exterior pattern can be customized to user requirements and with function of remote management to modification of parameters . Detachable split combination for easy transportation and lower transportation costs.

There have two types of anti-explosion and non-explosion for customers.

Basic information:

- Voltage : 220/380

- Power : 370-750

- Stainless steel self-sealed nozzle

- 10m EPDM tube

EverBlue Chem provide various package AdBlue® and related AdBlue® solution for customers.

Please feel free to contact us for more details about AdBlue® shell dispensers 1200L - 5000L.

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