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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Urea Solution




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    Why SCR Technology is more Suitable for China

    With the increase of air pollution, especially haze weather, the tolerance of society to air pollution has reached its limit. Through long-term scientific investigation of the sources of air pollutants, it is found that the contribution rate of automobile exhaust to air pollution is more than 50%. Our diesel vehicles are still growing year by year, so the emission reduction of diesel vehicles is t...
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    The Difference of SCR technology and EGR+DPF​

    At present, two technical solutions are adopted to solve the problem of diesel exhaust emissions. One is SCR technology  , another is EGR+DPF. Principle of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation): The technology introduces engine exhaust gas into the intake pipe to reduces the oxygen concentration entering the cylinder and controls the combustion speed as well as lowers the c...
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    The Size of AdBlue Tank

    The size of the AdBlue tank fitted to your vehicle will depend on the brand and model of your vehicle. Therefore the difference between top-ups will vary. In addition, many factors such as vehicle load, driving style, climatic conditions, traffic flow and road condition can affect the consumption of AdBlue. Like fuel, the more economically of your vehicle, the less AdBlue you will use. As a rough ...
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    After-treatment of SCR Technology

    The SCR exhaust after-treatment of the diesel engine is effective in controlling emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and particles (PM) in the exhaust gas to meeting the requirements of the regulations. Then the high content of nitrogen oxides (NOX) in the exhaust exhaust of the engine is treated by a special on-board aftertreatment system. At present, a variety of diesel exh...
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    Requirements and Significance of Various Technical Indexes in AdBlue Test Standards

    (1) Urea content: The AdBlue content directly affects the catalytic efficiency of NOx and the freezing point of the AdBlue. In the SCR reduction system, the concentration of urea solution is one of the key factors. Too high or too low concentration can not improve the conversion efficiency of NOx, but also cause the slip of ammonia (due to the excessive NHs/NOx ratio) then forming secondary pollut...
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    What's the difference between SCR and EGR technology

    Nowadays, heavy diesel trucks come with the most current EPA compliant equipment. This equipment comes in the form of two different methods used in the after treatment of the exhaust emissions. These methods are Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). Either are used to reduce NOx. In the early days, most trucks had only an EGR system with a diesel particulate filt...
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    How much DEF does a diesel engine use / consume?

    It depends on many factors, includes the diesel engine size, driver, DEF system condition, presence of NOx in the exhaust stream. Typically, manufacturers refer to DEF consumption as a percentage or fuel consumption. This can vary from as low as 2% to as high as 10%. So if your engine consumes 100 gallons of fuel, for a 10% DEF consumption, it would have used 10 gallons of diesel exhaust fluid def...
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    Continues demand of AdBlue

    China is one of the world's largest automobile production countries. In 2018, China's auto production and sales of 27.809 million and 28.881 million cars, of which heavy diesel vehicles accounted for about 18% of the production and sales. Heavy-duty diesel vehicles are the main source of pollutants emitted by motor vehicles. Therefore, the existence of a large number of heavy-duty diesel vehicles ...
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    What is EDI ?

    EDI (Electrodeionization), also known as continuous electro-desalination technology, scientifically integrates electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology. Through Selective permeation of cations and anions by cation and anion membranes and the exchange effect of ion exchange resin on ions in water.The directional migration of ions in water is realized under the action of electric ...
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