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Beginning July 1, 2019, most of China's provinces began to implement the "National Six" emission standards for diesel vehicles. It is particularly important to implement the sixth phase of pollutant emission standards when the air pollution control situation is still grim. “National Sixth” emission standard is an important guarantee for winning the blue sky defense war, which is also related to EverBlue Chem with our goal of “For cleaner air ,for bluer sky.”

Compared with the “National Five” standard, the “National Six” standard is more stringent, with 50% increase in carbon dioxide emission limits , 50% reduction in total hydrocarbon emissions, and 42% increase in NOx emission limits. In addition, compared with the different limits of the “National Five” stage gasoline and diesel vehicles, the “National Six” standard uses the same limit requirements for gasoline and diesel vehicles. At the same time, the "National Six" standard comprehensively evaluates the vehicle's cold start, acceleration and deceleration, and emissions under high-speed , heavy-load conditions and puts higher requirements on vehicle emission control performance. It is no wonder that domestic and foreign experts agree that China's "National Six" standard is the most stringent standard in the world.

There are three time nodes for implementing the “National Six” emission standards in China: one is to implement in advance in key areas since 1st July, 2019; the second is to implement a relatively broad “National six a” nationwide since 1st July , 2020; the third emission standard starting from July 1, 2023 of the more stringent nationwide implementation of the “National six b” stage emission standards. Such a substantial increase in the standard limits to tightening the standard requirements and highlights the country's determination to environmental protection, but also means that the psychological evasion is not allowed.

Since 2009 , EverBlue Chem always provides high-quality AdBlue® for environmental protection contribution and committed to solve all emissions problems for customers.

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